A Day With Elephant

A Day With Elephants
In Jaipur | Elephant Village

Elephant Activity

The Rustic Paths offers you a day with elephants in Jaipur. At the farm, people are engaged with elephants by birth, not by profession. Our family has been riding and taking care of elephants for generations. nowadays we have a very different world where everyone has a busy life. So we are offering these activities to people who want to be a Mahout(Rider) of a gentle animal. Elephant Activity farm in Jaipur is a fantastic way for you to get hands-on experience and make a real difference in the lives of elephants. Experience the most exciting, innovative, working elephant village in Jaipur...

Painting on elephant

Dedicated to conserving the elephant. getting along with the nonchalant animals and walk through the tranquil environment for a soul-stirring adventure for elephant activities in Jaipur. A day with elephants can teach You about their basic habits of food, life, and traditional decoration. All different from the commonplace, continue reading on to discover the essence of an elephant’s life in these sanctuaries. Our work is highly recommended by Tripadvisor and Facebook reviewer, that will make you feel comfortable to contact for your day with elephants