Jeep Safari in the Wilderness (Nature)

A nature Jeep excursion is available in Nahargarh Park, a ection of the Nahargarh sanctuary.The distance from Jaipur on the Jaipur-Delhi road is around 12 kilometres. It spans a sizable 720-acre area and is located beneath the Aravalli mountain range. The park’s wildlife and vegetation are well-known. Nature preservation is its main objective.

While conducting research, it’s a great resource for teaching people about current flora and wildlife. Visitors to Nahargarh Biological Park may anticipate seeing a variety of bird species. The most common species is the exclusive white-naped tit. When we visit the Park, we make sure to showcase some extraordinary locations including the Ram Sagar Lake, which is well-known among bird watchers.

You may stay in well-known and well-equipped accommodations while you’re here, including Ganga Vilas, Gopal Vilas, and Lalit Vilas, which were formerly renowned as hunting lodges for maharajas. You may experience nature up close and personal with The Rustic Paths guides and experts on Nature Jeep Tours in Nahargarh Park. We are doing everything we can to provide clients with as much flexibility and assistance as we can. encouraging ethical travel and aiding neighbourhood environmental initiatives. Tripadvisor and Facebook reviewers have given our work great marks, so you may call us with
confidence for your wildlife jeep excursion.

Price per person

4100 INR

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